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Better learning comes from sharing real life experiences with mental illness


We have been reducing the stigma and educating the public about mental health since 1993.


We provide face-to-face contact with volunteers who are living with mental illness.


Our methods are evidence-based and supported by academic

Mental Illness Education ACT (MIEACT) has been the leading mental health and well-being education provider servicing the Canberra region for more than 25 years. Using the power of lived experience combined with evidence-based practice, we inform and empower people to sustain their mental health and well-being.

What I liked most about the course was that people shared things they have gone through,
in two different ways, this kept the course interesting and easy to understand.
– Youth Mind Pilot, Age 15

Body Image for Girls

Body Image for Girls

Years 7-8

Boy's Body Image Program

Body Image for Boys

Years 7-8

General Mental Health for Teens

School Education Program

Years 7-12

Stress Better

Years 11-12

Bullying Prevention Program

No Labels Program

Years 7-10

Mental Health 101

 for adults

Do NO Harm

Crafting Your Own Story

Do NO Harm: Hearing Stories Safely

Do NO Harm

Hearing Stories Safely

PTSD Awareness Program

PTSD Awareness

Recognising unresolved trauma

We actively support our volunteers, ensuring the stories they share do not have a negative impact on themselves or their audiences.

Safe Stories