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Our Story

Mental Illness Education ACT Inc (MIEACT) has been the leading mental health and well-being education provider servicing the Canberra region for more than 25 years. Using the power of lived experience combined with evidence-based practice, we inform and empower people to sustain their mental health and well being. 


We provide face-to-face contact with volunteers who are living with mental illness.


Our methods are evidence-based and supported by academic partners.


We have been reducing the stigma and educating the public about mental health since 1993.


Address stigma so people are empowered to sustain their mental health and well-being.


As a recovery driven organisation we embrace the lived experience to provide mental health education awareness programs in schools and the community to address stigma, increase knowledge and promote help seeking.


MIEACT is guided by the following values:

Power of the lived experience

Valuing and respecting people with the lived experience of mental illness and acknowledging the ‘expert voice’ of the personal story.

Openness, innovations and creativity

Pioneering new ways of achieving MIEACT’s vision and learning from the experience of others.

Potential for transformation and change

In people, communities and systems.

Working from an evidence base

Using accurate information, monitoring our performance and modelling best practice in all MIEACT programs.

‘Do NO Harm’

A framework that underpins all MIEACT’s work and ensures both volunteers and audiences are enriched by the process.

Humour and goodwill

Towards our people and in our ways of working.
Transparency and accountability.
Using our resources effectively and meeting our commitments to funding bodies and other stakeholders.


Finding and nurturing hope as a key component of recovery; not just optimism yet a belief in oneself and a capacity to persevere through uncertainty and setbacks.