Our Story

Mental Illness Education ACT Inc (MIEACT) has been the leading mental health and well-being education provider servicing the Canberra region for more than 25 years.

Using the power of lived experience combined with evidence-based practice, we inform and empower people to sustain their mental health and well being.


Address stigma so people are empowered to sustain their mental health and well-being.


As a recovery driven organisation we embrace the lived experience to provide mental health education awareness programs in schools and the community to address stigma, increase knowledge and promote help seeking.


We have been educating the Canberra community about mental health since 1993.


We provide face-to-face contact with volunteers who are living with mental illness.


Our methods are evidence-based and supported by academic partners


  • Heidi Prowse

  • Shannon Malone-Brierley

  • Kate Swain

  • Carisse Flanagan

  • Priya Chandra

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