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Mental Illness Education ACT (MIEACT) is the primary local mental health and well-being education provider for workplaces, community groups and secondary schools across the Canberra region and surrounding area.

Since 1993, MIEACT has delivered evidence-informed programs, partnered with lived experience stories that increase mental health literacy, promote early intervention, reduce stigma and emphasise recovery.

What makes MIEACT unique is that we bring small audiences into direct positive contact with our Volunteer Educators who share their stories of living with a mental illness. Such face-to-face contact is a proven, powerful stigma reduction model, importantly guided by a safe and non-triggering DoNOHarm framework (c) for both story-teller and viewer. This is further partnered with qualified trainers and educational content mapped to The Australian Curriculum.

In addition to our overarching mental health workshops, our programs cover topics including stress, body image, PTSD, bullying prevention, communicating and hearing stories safely, and we ensure participants leave not only with an increased knowledge of mental health, but practical tools to manage, support and practice positive help seeking behaviours.

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Address stigma so people are empowered to sustain their mental health and well-being.


As a recovery driven organisation we embrace the lived experience to provide mental health education awareness programs in schools and the community to address stigma, increase knowledge and promote help seeking.


  • Heidi Prowse

  • Dr Brad Shrimpton

  • Carisse Flanagan

  • Megan Mills

  • Blanca Reyes

  • Monique Meacham

  • Wendy Dawes

  • Shahzad Ahmed

  • Jo Klenka

  • John Dickson

  • Jenny Dunn

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