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No Labels – Bullying Prevention Program

Classroom delivery | Ages 11-18 | 1-hour

Taking a three-pronged approach MIEACT’s latest workshop identifies the drivers of bullying behaviour and empowers all involved to manage, support and practice positive help seeking. No labels is developed to reach;

  1. those who are experiencing bullying – what to do and where to go to get help,
  2. those instigating or engaging in bullying behaviour – understanding your actions and how to get support to change behaviour; and, 
  3. those observers of bullying – how to find your voice to speak up against bullying and where to go to get support.

Thanks to The Funding Network, the Commonwealth Bank and Hands Across Canberra this workshop is available for 45 classrooms in the ACT. 

By the end of the workshop students will;

  • Understand the prevalence of bullying
  • Understand the “types” of bullying behaviour
  • Increase understanding of what drives bullying behaviour
  • Develop Strategies to cope with bullying behaviour directed at you
  • Increase empowerment of by standers
  • Develop bystander intervention strategies
  • Increase awareness of bullying traits
  • Increase awareness of avenues for “Help”

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