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MIEACT shares the stories of our volunteers with lived experience through face-to-face contact in the classroom or workplace, and through digital short films. Every MIEACT workshop features the personal story of a volunteer living with mental illness, or their experiences as a carer, because it is a proven method for reducing stigma. They are not what you might expect from a mental illness perspective; they are not doom and gloom, but rather stories of hope and perseverance. Each has been written, scripted and storyboarded by the people that star in them. They adhere to MIEACT’s “safe storytelling” framework so as not to trigger the audience nor themselves.

The following short film on PTSD was created by Jenni Savigny, Gen S and PhotoAcess.

The following short films were created as part of MIEACT’s “Moving Minds” project with the expertise of Jenni Savigny and NIMIC.

Roller Coaster, by Greg (2010)

Study and academic success were Greg’s best coping strategies. He now knows his Bipolar Disorder like a friend and together they ride the rollercoaster.

Gardening All Year Round, by John (2010)

John’s been caught gardening at 3am under floodlights. He lives with a mild form of Bipolar Disorder and discovers that grows in winter.


What’s Normal When You Have Bipolar Disorder? by Jo

Jo manages her Bipolar Disorder with medication. This delivers one sort of “normal”and she continues looking for a “normal”that suits her better.

My Trip To Perth, by Charmine (2010)

Canberra to Perth – a road trip with a difference. Charmaine recounts her first psychotic episode that preceded her diagnosis of Bipolar Disorder.


Denial, by Matt (2010)

How many psychotic episodes does it take to realise the cost of using marijuana? Matt becomes homeless before being diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.


I Can Remember, by Isabel (2010)

Isabel stared death in the eye. Her diagnosis with a mental illness nine years ago changed everything. She chose life.


My Daddy the Prop, by Alisi (2011)

Alisi describes the terror she felt when at age six, her mother was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia and Depression.


Phoebe’s Story “Mum’s Black Dog”, by Annie (2010)

Introducing a telepathic dog and cat who teach their mum to deal with all the stuff in her head. Together they help her recover from Depression.


 A Boy and His Bucket, by Chrissy

With her 12 year-old son diagnosed with Anxiety disorder, carer and mother Chrissy explains the changes ahead for the whole family and how many doctors it took before finding the right fit.


Mama, by Jelena (2011)

Mental illness doesn’t discriminate, and it has been twenty long years since Jelena first felt the impact of discovering her brilliant, talented mother had developed Chrone’s Disease and Schizoaffective  Disorder.


Recovery, by Michael (2010)

Michael talks about his recovery from Depression in this excerpt from his interview with MIEACT’s radio program Opening Minds (now closed). In loving memory of  Michael Firestone.


I was So Lucky, by Lisa (2009)

When Lisa’s mother died, she left Lisa a letter. Lisa now replies, paying tribute to her mother’s love, patience and hope that helped her recover from Anorexia.


The Stolen Years, by Jenni (2010)

At age 21, Jenni finally got help for an eating disorder, but who stole her adolescence? Featuring a Year 10 photo you won’t forget.

As Long as I Have Breakfast, by Keah (2011)

For Keah, it was not about starving herself to be thin and pretty, it was actually about control. Distance, time and a regular breakfast are some of the keys she uses to develop a new perspective. A story of an eating disorder and Depression.


One Life, by Rellie (2011)

Every journey begins with one step. Growing up self medicating and living through bouts of addiction, sexual assault and bullying, Rellie decided it was time to stop just surviving and start living. A story of Depression and PTSD.


Beach and Bunny, by Sara (2011)

Stress and Depression brought on by unrequited love has triggered a psychotic experience for Sara, and she is hospitalised.  Several years and a loving romance later, Sara stops taking her medication and life spirals under the effects of Paranoid Schizophrenia.


Cooking With Love, by Ben (2010)

He has cooked for Prime Ministers, premiers and princes, responsible for a million meals, lots of food and lots of passion. Coupled with an uncompromising military background and “ferocious reputation”, Ben rose to the very top of his profession. So what happened? A story of undiagnosed BiPolar Disorder and addiction.


Thanks Kip, by Ed (2010)

No matter how much you prepare for something, it is always different than what you expected when it happens. A story of Depression.