January 19, 2021

Advisory Panel: Seeking Volunteers

The aim of the advisory panel is the following:

  • Draw on the experience, skills and practical knowledge of experts in the sector to ensure that MIEACT programs and approaches are based on well recognised scientific information that has gained general acceptance in the mental health or wellbeing fields.
  • Review MIEACT’s suite of programs to make sure that they remain relevant to contemporary evidence-informed practices and processes •Enhance the organisation and credibility of MIEACT’s suite of programs and increase consumer confidence by providing independent expert input to MIEACT programs and their content.
  • To support MIEACT identify emerging needs, opportunity and partnerships to ensure that MIEACT’s strategic direction, resource allocation addresses the mental wellbeing of the ACT community and prevents duplication.
  • Provide advice to executive management staff on program evaluations and safety issues that may arise in program delivery.

The MIEACT recruitment sub-committee have identified the following skills as useful skills and experience to have on the MIEACT Program Advisory Panel. Nominees are encouraged to reflect on this list when preparing their expression of interest:

  • Sector Experience in Primary and/or secondary Education
  • Sector Experience in frontline Mental Health Service Provision
  • Human Resources, Workplace Wellbeing expertise/experience
  • Psychology, Counselling, Health Promotion expertise/experience
  • Understanding of Recovery Framework
  • Understanding of Early Intervention, Preventative initiatives in the Health Sector.

MIEACT encourages and welcomes Advisory Panel Member nominations from people who identify as:

  • from a culturally diverse background
  • Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander
  • a person with disability or chronic health issue
  • Under the age of 35 years

Additional requirements

  • All panel members must hold a valid Working with Vulnerable People card
  • To apply please complete a one page expression of interest with a copy of your CV

To apply please complete a one page expression of interest with a copy of your CV to Megan Mills (MIEACT, Program Director) by the 7th of February, 2021. The recruitment sub-committee will review all applications and organise interviews during February.


Megan Mills

Phone (02) 6257 1195

Email director@mieact.org.au