February 21, 2019

MIEACT is calling for men to share their personal stories about body image

Production title: Males Body Image Digital Stories

Project length: Short film (5 minutes)

Shooting Location: TBC

Key Dates: In March/TBC exact date

Dress: Casual and comfortable with no obvious brands or logos on your clothes.

MIEACT is calling for males aged 17 to 70 years to share their personal body image stories or lived experience of an eating disorder.

MIEACT is producing short videos to empower Canberra men to share their stories around body image or lived experience of an eating disorder. These videos will become an important part of MIEACT’s Any Body’s Cool program and delivered to over 300 young men each year.

What is involved:

  • Complete MIEACT’s DoNoHarm training & story crafting.
  • Work with a producer to film your digital story.

About the program

Any Body’s Cool – males program supports participants to:

  • Understand what body image is and its impact on thoughts, feelings and actions.
  • Identify helpful and unhelpful messages and their sources.
  • Explain the impact of traditional media and social media in re-enforcing unrealistic beauty ideals and address how these ideals can be challenged.
  • Increase help seeking behaviours.

Background on MIEACT

MIEACT are the primary local mental health and well-being education provider for workplaces, community groups and secondary schools in the ACT. We deliver evidence-based programs, partnered with lived experience stories that increase mental health literacy, promote early intervention, reduce stigma and emphasise recovery. These programs are delivered by Volunteer Educators who share their own lived experience, and qualified trainers, guided by a safe DoNOHarm framework.


To sign up please complete our volunteer application form or for more information, please contact Kate Swain, Communications Officer, MIEACT,  phone: (02) 6257 1195 or email: comms.team@mieact.org.au