May 17, 2022

Our Stories – Jo

Jo Samprathi

MIEACT Volunteer and Counselling Student

I’m currently studying a Masters in Counselling, so for me volunteering with MIEACT started as a way of being involved and gaining experience in an organisation that supports mental health. My time with MIEACT has been invaluable both professionally and personally. It has been satisfying to contribute towards something that has such a positive impact.

The process of writing my story as a MIEACT volunteer has been empowering. I take my challenging life experiences and use them to connect with others. To take my story and claim ownership of what I’ve been through is something I am proud of.

MIEACT relies on the lived experience of volunteers, their stories have the capacity to touch lives. My mother is also a volunteer with MIEACT and our life experiences have been vastly different. For us, volunteering is a tiny way to give back to the community and amplify the need for mental health education. This organisation allows everybody to talk about their own unique experiences, express their individuality, and embrace their story.

Become a trained volunteer - Share your story to educate our community on mental health and well-being.