July 12, 2019

Primary School Mental Health & Well-being Program Pilot

The Pilot Primary School Mental Health and Well-being program provides schools with an initial touch point to open conversations that will build a student’s sense of belonging, an understanding of themselves and others and provide strategies for effective help seeking behaviours.

The aim of this program is to address the stigma that surrounds mental illness and to equip students with effective strategies to seek help if they ever find themselves in a challenging situations. The program is mapped to the National Australian Curriculum.

The program is led by Program Director, Shannon Malone-Brierley and co-designed with Volunteer Educators, Greg Francis and Penny Humphries. The Pilot included 2 participant schools at Yr 3-4 stage.

Support from Hands Across Canberra and the organisations who participated in "Pay-It-Forward" over the last 12 months made this Pilot Program possible.

Overall the program performed highly with 65% of child participants awarding a 5 Star rating. We asked the participants what they would tell someone their age about the program,

"You would love it!!! They tell you how to help yourself when you're sad and when you are worrying about things. You also get to read lots of books and the best thing is, at the end, you get a surprise!!” - Student, Age

If you would like to see these programs rolled out at your Primary School please contact us. Thank you to the schools who have already contacted us and we welcome any further information you can give to support our needs analysis of youth mental health programs.