February 14, 2019

Six months on our bullying prevention program drives change.

MIEACT pitched at TFN Live Canberra on 21 September and raised $28,310 to develop, pilot and deliver a bullying prevention program that not only provides support to victims of bullying, but also develops strong social networks to better prevent bullying in the first instance. The program also encourages initiators of bullying behaviour to seek support to address the root causes of their own actions.


The impact…

1 in 5 people have participated in harassing and bullying behaviour in their lives. And, even more people have experienced it at some point of their lives. But what isn’t well known is that most people who engage in bullying behaviour are often themselves bullied and victims of unresolved trauma. Giving credence to the words Sam reiterated during her pitch “hurt people hurt people”. With the proliferation of social media, the social landscape has never been so complicated, constant and overwhelming. READ MORE