March 13, 2019

Question, Persuade, Refer (QPR) program. Free online training to help prevent suicide

The ACT Government has launched a free online course that will help equip them to support those who they suspect may be at risk of suicide.

This program has been designed for anyone over the age of 18 who would like to better understand the warning signs and behaviours that can lead to someone taking their own life. It includes training on how to ask someone if they are thinking about ending their life, how to have a conversation with someone who may be at risk of suicide, as well as how to find them professional help.

"While there are never any gurantees about how to stop someone taking their own life, what we can do at the community level is educate ourselves with the social skills to pick up the signs and ask the right questions, and if necessary help someone to get the right help," said Minister for Mental Health Shane Rattenbury.

MIEACT are encouraging everyone in our community to go online and complete the training.

"It is about creating a community wide safety net for suicide prevention and it only takes 60 minutes. Upskilling is the first step. You can also contact MIEACT to host awareness and mental health promotion programs in your workplace.", MIEACT Executive Officer Heidi Prowse.

Contact MIEACT (02) 6257 1195

Complete the free online course on the Captial Health Network's website here.