May 22, 2019

Thank you MIEACT Volunteers

National Volunteer Week is 20-26 May. The theme this year is “Making a world of difference.”

“This week we celebrate and thank our volunteers for the contribution they make in our community. MIEACT Volunteers make a world of difference,” says Heidi Prowse, MIEACT Executive Officer.

“Volunteering is the core of our organisation’s work. Our educators share their stories bravely. They inform and empower young people and organisations sustaining their mental health and well-being,” says Heidi Prowse, Executive Officer.

Volunteering with MIEACT will be a rewarding experience on your recovery journey. It gives you the opportunity to help others to learn from your own experiences and address stigma in our community.

Stephen is a new volunteer with MIEACT. “I decided to become a volunteer with MIEACT because I struggled with a number of different health related issues in my early teenage years and wanted to help those currently experiencing them now. Overall, I wanted to be able to provide support that I feel I somewhat lacked myself,” says Stephen.

“I’m looking forward to sharing my personal story and experiences with people and hearing from others, so I can be better informed. I also look forward to hopefully bringing a younger and fresher perspective on certain topics.”

To become a Volunteer Education with MIEACT you will need:

  1. To be positively managing your mental illness, or be the carer of a person who is living with mental illness.
  2. Hold or be willing to obtain a Working with Vulnerable People Card.
  3. Be able to work with other volunteer storytellers and presenters, MIEACT staff and the host of the session.
  4. Complete MIEACT training. This involves being able to share your unique personal experiences of mental illness or as a carer.

For further enquiries please visit and express your interest to volunteer with MIEACT.