March 22, 2022

Voices of Gambling Harm

MIEACT together with Relationships Australia Canberra & Region, are seeking people with a lived experience of gambling harm to share their stories. This includes the families, friends and partners (support network) harmed by the gambling of others.

Research has identified that for every 1 person directly experiencing gambling harm, another 6 people on average around them are also negatively impacted by it. Data suggests that roughly 44,000 people in the ACT (roughly 14% of the population) are impacted by their own or someone else’s gambling and as little as 2% of them seek help.


Lived Experience Experts will be trained by MIEACT using the DoNoHarm Framework to support them to develop and safely tell their stories. Participants will share their personal journeys through recorded digital stories and/or present their story to community groups and other stakeholders in the ACT. The stories will also be included in an online learning course, as well as a printed booklet which will be distributed across Canberra to relevant groups.

The program aims to assist in the:

  1. Reduction of gambling harm associated stigma within the community and a reduction of self-stigma within individuals impacted by gambling harm.
  2. Increase in self-identification of gambling harm concerns including psychological harm.
  3. Increase in help seeking behaviour for individuals impacted by gambling harm.
  4. Improved understanding about gambling harm amongst government, gambling industry, communities, families and individuals.
  5. Provision of a wide range of accessible, responsive and effective services and initiatives that prevent and reduce gambling harm.

Your story can change the way the community views gambling harm and will send a powerful message of hope to those experiencing it.

Voices of Gambling Harm_Flyer

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