Episode Eight: I am Lorena

Lorena is a student studying counselling and community services, as well as a mother of two, a wife and a woman with a mental health diagnosis. Lorena shares with you her experiences being a child of an absent and at times abusive mother, how she felt alone as a young person and her search for value and validation. She shares how she navigated moving out of home and adjusting to a new country and a new life and how she sought help for the mental health concerns she had been experiencing for so long. You will hear the 10 lessons she has learned throughout her journey. In this episode, she will be sharing her story. We thank her for her courage in sharing, through this she opens the doors for others. Edited and Produced by: Rose Clifford Music: ‘Piece yourself back together’ by Locran Content Notes: The following topics are discussed throughout this podcast episode: suicidality and childhood adversity.