Episode Five: Behind the smiles and the memes

On this episode, we will be joined by Aisha, a young woman who comes from bi-racial parents from Malaysia and Lesotho. She and our host Roberta will be talking about what it is like to live with anxiety and depression. Aisha candidly talks about what her recovery journey looked and felt like, how she manages her mental health now and when she knows when she might be struggling. She talks of what it is like growing up as a multi-racial young person and how culture impacted her, both the good and the bad.Hope you enjoy the podcast!Edited and Produced by: Rose Clifford Hosted by: Roberta Bagozzi Music: ‘Green Fields’ by Brock Hewitt. Image by Fourrell The Cameraman. Content Notes: The following topics are discussed throughout this podcast episode: suicidality, self-harm and sexual assault/harassment.