4 What can i do right now?

Everyone deals with mental illness differently.

When you experience negative feelings and situations, there are things you can do in the moment, that will help you.

10 things you can do right now

1. Did you make a mistake? Are you feeling down?

What would you say to a friend who was going through the same thing? Write it down. Read it back to yourself.

Fact: Did you know giving yourself the same care and kindness you give others can reduce your risk of experiencing depression or anxiety?

2. Are you experiencing a painful emotion?

Place one hand on your chest and take 3 deep breaths.

Say something caring to yourself like ‘I am putting a lot of pressure on myself, I have tried my best and that is all I can do.’

3. Do you feel exhausted?

It’s time to take a break. Go out for a walk, slow down, listen to music, do some colouring or drawing.

4. Are you feeling lonely?

Complete an act of kindness for someone you know. Being kind to others makes us feel really good, (give a compliment, lend a hand, ask how someone is, listen well).

5. Do you find it difficult to enjoy activities you usually like?

Ask a friend or family member to do it with you. Watch a movie, read a book, play a game or do some exercise. Do something you find really FUN & RELAXING. Fake it till you make it.

6. Do you have worries stuck in your head that you just can’t shake?

Write a gratitude journal. Everyday, record something you love in your life (for example: a family member, fresh air, delicious food) or write down negative thoughts and see if there is any evidence to support them. Try to dispute the thought (make it positive). Put things into perspective and write down positive thoughts about your current situation. Focus on your strengths, or things you are looking forward to.

7. Are you ready to ask for help?

Talking to your friends can help you work through the challenge you’re facing. Call a friend, or someone else you trust and tell them how you feel.

8. Do you feel like you don’t fit in?

There are millions of different people and body shapes. Yours is just one of them. Just look around the school yard or shopping centre and you’ll see how different we all are. Make a list of the things that make you special.

9. Do you have a recurring thought that doesn’t go away?

Take a walk, ride your bike, play with your pet if you have one. Getting your heart pumping really helps to clear your mind.

10. Do you know how to look after your own mental health?

Mental health doesn’t take care of itself. To have good mental health we need to exercise and strengthen it all the time. One way to do this is to create a weekly self-care plan to ensure you do something that makes you feel good every day.

If none of these help, you can access some extra support here.

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