Join Mental Illness Education ACT and promote self care in your workplace.

Use our free resources to equip your team with the tools to manage the increasing stressors of the current environment and build a resilient and healthy workplace into the future.

What is Self Care Canberra and why is self care important right now?

Self Care Canberra is a free initiative created to address the increasing mental health concerns of Canberrans’ in the workplace and wider community. Self Care Canberra provides resources and support, helping workplaces and community groups to understand the benefits of implementing self-care strategies and connect with local service providers.

Self care is one of the most important tools we can implement right now to address mounting stressors in our community and promote increased experiences of wellbeing, autonomy and connection.

The benefits of having a mentally healthy workplace are manifold. Evidence has shown that these benefits extend from the individuals experience to transforming the culture of an organisation.

  1. Over the last few months, we have rapidly adjusted our lives. While keeping us safe, these adjustments have impacted our autonomy, social connection, and certainty: three major predictors for mental wellness.
  2. As we settle into new work environments and process the health information surrounding us it’s common to feel heightened perceptions of threat. This current environment takes 25% more energy for us to navigate, so it is not unusual for our staff to report feeling exhausted, drained or challenged.
  3. Practicing self-care is an everyday activity to maintain the mental health of your workplace and our community. Only 40% of Australians intentionally implement self-care strategies into their lives. Self-care looks different for everyone but the positive impacts are consistent and can help address the impact of mental illness for you and the people you care for.

By focusing on self-care in the workplace you will be:

Empowering your staff to explore self-care strategies leading to increased workplace engagement

Empowering your staff to explore self-care strategies leading to increased workplace engagement

Building resilient teams by equipping staff with effective self-management skills

Optimising workplace performance when staff understand the effects of stress and how they respond

Building a mentally healthy workplace culture by establishing best practice communication techniques across the organisation

Reducing harmful behaviours through an in-depth understanding of stigma, it’s effects and the role all staff play

Attracting and retaining engaged staff by demonstrating you prioritise the wellbeing of your employees leading to increased workplace engagement

Creating a safe and supportive environment for staff to have open conversation about mental health

Minimising absenteeism by connecting your staff to the benefits of early help seeking

Driving a positive workplace culture by equipping staff with strategies to handle difficult situations

How our workplaces are changing during the pandemic


more energy required to process our new working environments

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positive reinforcement required to meet the same outputs


of Australian workers felt stressed about work before COVID-19

How can my workplace participate in Self Care Canberra?

All workplace and community groups will benefit from participation and all resources are free. MIEACT will also provide an Educator to run a free session in your workplace online or face to face.

  1. Register to participate in Self Care Canberra through MIEACT’s ‘Contact Us’ form. We will get in touch with you and organise for one of our Educators to come and talk to you and your staff about your mental health concerns for free.
  2. Download MIEACT free Self Care Canberra resources.
  3. Share and start talking about self-care in your workplace. Try some of our suggestions on how to engage your staff using the resources provided.
  4. Set up a staff meeting or event with our MIEACT Educator to talk to your team, online or face to face.
  5. Donate to MIEACT through the Canberra Recovery Appeal. Every donation is doubled and together we can support all Canberrans’ to build self-care strategies into their daily lives.

Thank you for participating in Self Care Canberra