2 Develop your own stress plan

My Stress Plan

Sometimes when we are feeling very stressed we need to be reminded of all the things we can do to help calm us down.

Create your Stress Plan.

Read through the below ‘calming strategies’ and choose your favourite to drag across to create your own stress plan.

Create your Stress Plan.

Read through the below ‘calming strategies’ and add your favourite to create your own stress plan.

Paying attention to what’s happening in my body
AAAH Method (Ask what, Ask why, Act, Help)
Practice positive self-talk
Go for a walk
Participate in sport
Listen to music
Talk with a friend
Practice STOP method (Stop, Breathe, Observe your body, Proceed)
Try a breathing technique
Play a short video game
Get more sleep
Write a list of what I can control
Reach out to family
Speak to a professional
Swap watching television for an indoor workout
Do an activity I enjoy
Find a type of exercise I enjoy
Exercise with a friend
Call a friend for a chat
Use a meditation app (Eg : Headspace)
Smile at a stranger in the street
Help a friend
Write down 3 things you are grateful for
Express gratitude to a friend or family member
Get out into nature and notice the sounds around me
Avoid social media
Spend a minute focusing on the sound of my breathing
Count in for 4 and out for 4
Tense and release every muscle in my body
Take some time out Listen to music
Play a video game
Put a hand on my chest and say kind and reassuring things
Create a tidy, calming space for myself
Ask for help from a family member
Seek help online
Consider evidence for and against a negative thought
Label how I am feeling and remind myself that all feelings come and go
Talk to an adult you trust
Become a volunteer and help out
My Stress Plan
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