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At A Glance

Suitable For Boys and girls in Years 11 & 12
Next Course Dates Available throughout the year
Training Location At your school or organisation (available in tde ACT and Regional NSW
Training Format Workshop
Duration 1 Hour
Course Fee Free to ACT and Regional NSW colleges, CIT and TAFE students. Free for year 11 & 12 and students up to 25 years old


Stress Better is designed to assist young people to better understand stress, anxiety and worry, and the connection between the three. It equips students with tools to manage their stress more effectively. The session is punctuated with the presentation of a real life story as told by a MIEACT Volunteer Educator who has been living with mental illness.

This course is linked to the National Curriculum on Health and Well-Being.


By the end of this program, students will:

  • Have a greater understanding of the stigma experienced by someone living with a mental illness, in particular, anxiety;
  • Understand the connection between physical and mental health;
  • Know they are not alone if they have worries, stress or anxiety;
  • Understand they should get help as soon as possible, but that it’s never too late;
  • Will learn help-seeking strategies and how they are in charge of who you go to for help;
  • Learn strategies around unpacking their worries in order to reduce stress.


Stress Better is for any group of young people aged between 16 to 25 years old. Numbers are limited to 25 participants per workshop. The program is available in the ACT and regional NSW.


  • The difference between worry, stress and anxiety
  • Facts and figures – understand how common anxiety is
  • The suitcase – understand how to unpack worries and concerns in order to reduce stress
  • What worries you? Explore the top ‘worries’ within the classroom/group and compare this to the top concerns of young people across Australia.
  • What’s important to us? The class examines why something is important to them.
    AAAH – students will learn about the ‘AAAH’ acronym. This is a tool for dealing with stress: Ask the question; Answer the question; take Action and seek Help
  • The Zine – students are provided with a zine, which takes them through working with the acronym. This also provides helpful tips and information on where to get help.


The Stress Better program is proudly supported by The Snow Foundation.

What Our Research Partners Say…

“Young people are reporting that study, stress, anxiety and sadness are issues of key concern,”

Mission Australia, Youth Coalition of the ACT

What Our Clients Say…

“This course has changed the way I approach stress – rather than being some singular isolated concern triggered and manifested in mind alone, it is a physical and communal experience,” 

 – Student, Australian National University Uni Lodge


“Stress Better has changed the way I think about worry versus stress versus anxiety.”

 – Stress Better Student

“Something I learned was that stress can affect you physically,” 

 – Student, Lake Ginninderra College