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Exploring personal and professional boundaries to learn a best practice approach for communicating about mental illness and lived experiences.

The details


This workshop is built off our DoNOHarm framework (c) and builds on the skills of individuals with a lived experience and their support network to use inclusive language and minimise referred trauma. In this session you will explore personal and professional boundaries to share and hear stories safely.

This session is delivered by a qualified facilitator in partnership with a lived experience Educator.

By the end of this session participants will:

• Understand the current state of mental health and well-being.
• Understand the impact of language to improve communications.
• Explore inclusive language and develop respectful practices.
• Learn how to decrease escalation and minimize retraumatisation.
• Learn practical strategies to stay safe when hearing potentially triggering stories.
• Leave with practical tools to manage, support and practice positive help seeking strategies.

What people have to say about the program

  • “This workshop gives everyone the confidence to talk about mental illness in a safe way while at the same time promoting mental health education and stigma reduction.”

    Client, Carers ACT

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