Adult & Workplace

Mental Health 101 for Adults

Increases participants mental health knowledge through powerful lived experience stories that break down stigma and promote help-seeking.

The details

Mental Health 101 uses two powerful lived experience stories shared by MIEACT volunteer educators to address stigma, explore recovery and provide practical examples of help-seeking behaviours. This program builds participant’s understanding of the experience of living with or caring for someone living with a mental illness.

By the end of this session participants will:

  • consider the harm that can be caused by stigma in workplaces and in the community;
  • understand the impacts of delayed help-seeking on one’s mental health and well-being;
  • understand the benefits of self-care and early intervention for mental health concerns;
  • develop understandings of how to support those with mental health challenges in your environment.

This program will benefit your workplace by:

  • reducing stigma and increasing empathy towards people with mental health challenges;
  • creating opportunities for open conversation about mental health and workplace psychosocial hazards;
  • empowering staff to explore and engage in self-care strategies and help-seeking behaviours;
  • fostering a sense of community and connection among your team.

Addressing stigma and promoting help-seeking

We deliver 80 sessions to workplaces and community groups each year. Of those who participated 65% found the session to “Extremely” (15%) or “Significantly” (50%) increase their understanding of mental illness. 100% of Hosts and Participants would recommend the program to a friend or colleague.

Hosts of the session rate our Volunteer Educators “Extremely Competent” facilitators at 100%.