Youth & School

Mental Health and Me

A secondary school program that promotes mental health literacy and help seeking with lived experience stories.

The details

MIEACT’s Mental Health & Me is our leading high school mental health literacy program. This program uses powerful lived experience stories to reduce stigma and to increase help seeking around mental health. It also introduces students to the topic of mental illness and explores the prevalence and symptoms of major mental illness that impact young people. During this program students are given tools and strategies for managing their own mental health and appropriate help-seeking resources. This program was fully revised and updated in 2024.

By the end of the session participants will:

  • articulate an understanding of mental illness and identify the most common mental illnesses among their age group;
  • articulate common signs of mental illness and be able to identify these in themselves and others;
  • understand what anxiety and depression are, who they impact and what they might look like;
  • articulate the difference between a mental illness and normal experiences;
  • identify strategies to support good mental health and positive self-care;
  • contribute to the collective impact in reducing stigma in relation to mental illness;
  • identify where to go for help (including appropriate mental health services).

The completion of the face to face or online program links to the Australian Curriculum outcomes:

Years 7 ,8

  • ACPPS072
  • ACPPS073
  • ACPPS074
  • ACPPS076
  • ACPPS077



Year 9

  • ACPPS091
  • ACPPS094
  • ACPPS095