Parent and Carers

Mental Health and Me: The Parent/Carers Edition

A series of free online mini-courses with tips and strategies for parents and carers supporting the mental health and wellbeing of young people. ⠀

The details

This project was initiated in response to impacts of the Covid 19 public state of emergency, with the aim to increase community awareness and knowledge of local resources, practical strategies and helpful information tailored to the specific needs of a diverse range of cohorts.

MIEACT found that there are a number of programs focused on parenting and supporting the family unit, specifically children. There is also printable resources for parents living with a diagnosis of a Mental Health condition. However, there are very few programs which specifically focus on parents as an individual supporting and promoting general Mental Health and Wellbeing. There is also a lack of diversity in family units portrayed in the resources available and many are focused on how to help the mother as the main support for the children.

This project aims to present information for a wide range of family units such as single father and single mother families, single sex families, blended families, steps families or children who are being brought up by grandparents and foster families. We focus on the needs of parents specifically, providing practical tools and strategies to maintain overall mental health and wellbeing as well as highlighting the importance of self-care.

In your own time, make your way through our interactive program Mental Health & Me: Parent & Carers edition. We have broken down the modules into 6 bite size pieces that you can do on any device that is convenient for you.

  • The parenting role and how it varies greatly (e.g. step-parents or grandparents taking on a carer’s role)
  • The natural and common challenges parenting presents
  • How parenting challenges can affect one’s mental health and wellbeing
  • The importance of self-care and the benefits of self-care in the parenting role
  • The signs that a young people may be experiencing mental health concerns
  • Building a home environment which promotes strong social/ emotional development
  • Strategies and skills to support the mental health and wellbeing of children you care for

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