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PTSD Awareness

Building skills and strategies to support people impacted by traumatic events.

The details

PTSD Awareness

This workshop increases understanding of unresolved trauma and busts the myths on PTSD. Participants work through strategies for what is helpful and harmful in recovery.

Delivered by a qualified facilitator including stories as told by people living with PTSD guided by the DoNOHarm Framework for safe story-telling.

By the end of this session participants will:

• Learn about unresolved trauma.
• Bust the myths about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.
• Increase understand what treatments are available.
• Learn how to decrease escalation and minimise re-traumatisation.
• Identify how and where to get help.
• Understand what is helpful and harmful for recovery.

Building skills and strategies

We deliver 30 sessions on PTSD awareness to workplaces and individuals (through open sessions) each year. The audience can be diverse from service workers to carers to the general public.

Of those who participate 59% identified their knowledge of the topic had “Signficantly” (12%) to “Extremely” (47%) increased. Participants reported the use of personal experiences and current statistics to be the best parts of the program.

Upcoming Course Dates and Times (for individuals)

2019-20 Dates Coming Soon

To attend one of our PTSD Awareness session, please register here Training venue for all is Griffin Centre, Canberra City

What people have to say about the program

  • ''The workshop has given me a thorough understanding of triggers and events for PTSD and stress Disorders. The videos were excellent as it made it very real from real life scenarios.''

    Social Worker
  • "The session as a whole was informative, however, the delivery of the session was very well ran which made it easy to digest."

  • "The workshop greatly added to my understanding of the topic by expanding my knowledge and skills to support someone with PTSD."


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