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Stress Better for Adults

Equip your staff with practical tools to manage and respond to stress more effectively in the workplace

The details

Stress Better for Adults

Designed to build an understanding between stress and anxiety. This workshop equips participants to respond to, manage and cope with stressors.

Suitable for: staff at all levels of an organisation
Effective as: team building program, preparing teams for change, major projects or peak period training
Customised to: address the specific operations of individual workplaces
Delivered by: trained educators and guided by the MIEACT DoNoHarm safe story telling framework.

If you’re looking for a way to support your staff during lockdown and to make a difference to the lives of Canberra’s essential workforce, consider Pay it Forward.

For every organisation that purchases a Stress Better workshop, a group of essential workers will receive a Stress Better workshop for free. It’s a simple and effective way for you and your team to support the people that are keeping Canberra going.

This program will benefit your workplace by:

  • Building resilient teams by equipping staff with effective self-management skills
  • Optimising workplace performance when staff understand the effects of stress and how they respond
  • Driving a positive workplace culture by equipping staff with strategies to handle difficult situations

By the end of the session staff will:

  • Increase their understanding of stress and the effects it can have on them
  • Understand stress tolerance and the ways we hurt or help our stress levels
  • Identify areas of influence and control for individual stress
  • Learn simple strategies to respond to stress and identify when to seek help