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Stress Better for Adults

Equip yourself with practical tools to manage stress more effectively and to sustain your mental health.

The details

Stress Better for Adults

Designed to build an understanding of stress, worry and anxiety, and the connection between the three. This workshop equips participants with the tools to manage stress more effectively.

This is an interactive session delivered by a qualified facilitator including both the facts on stress and anxiety in Australia with lived experience stories of managing high stress situations related to the setting.

This program has only recently become available to adults. Talk to us about our Pay-it-Forward program ensuring more youth in Canberra have access to mental health education.

By the end of this session participants will:

• Have an increased understanding of stress and the effects it can have on us.
• Understand stress tolerance and the ways we hurt or help our stress levels.
• Identify areas of influence and control for individual stress.
• Learn a simple formula to help you manage your stress.

What people have to say about the program

  • “Working in Aged Care and supporting individuals with a variety of needs can create a stressful environment. This program gave us strategies to support and handle difficult situations.”

    Host - Aged Carer Industry

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