Adult & Workplace

Stress Better for Adults

Builds a comprehensive understanding of stress and equips participants with practical tools to manage and respond to stress effectively. This program can be delivered in person and online.

The details

MIEACT’s Stress Better program for adults explores common stressors and the impacts of stress, with a special focus on the workplace. The program equips participants to assess their stress levels and identify effective ways to respond to and manage the stressors in their professional and personal lives.

 By the end of the session participants will:

  1. understand the physical and mental health impacts of stress;
  2. understand stress tolerance and the ways we can impact our stress levels;
  3. understand how to assess their stress levels and identify appropriate ways to respond;
  4. identify areas of influence and control for individual stress/stressors;
  5. understand the role self-care plays in managing stress;
  6. identify where to get help and how to do this.

This program will benefit your staff by:

  • introducing and reinforcing practices needed to foster a mentally healthy workplace;
  • empowering staff to engage in effective stress management strategies;
  • creating opportunities for employees to discuss psychosocial hazards;
  • increasing workplace connection, cohesiveness and trust.