Adult & Workplace

Trauma Awareness

Equip your staff with the skills and strategies to support themselves and others impacted by trauma

The details

Trauma Awareness for adults

This workshop increases the understanding of unresolved trauma. Participants learn to recognize the trauma response in themselves and others and how to seek help.
The workshop recognises that extremely stressful events happen and may have a lasting impact. Participants learn the importance of creating safe environments including routine, connection and communication.

Suitable for: front of house, service delivery teams, supervisors and management
Customised to: address the specific operations of individual workplaces and/or the impact of specific mental health experiences
Delivered by: trained educators and guided by the MIEACT DoNoHarm safe story telling framework.

This program will benefit your workplace by:

  • Preventing crisis situations by empowering staff to respond and communicate effectively to trauma.
  • Preparing your organisation to identify the trauma response to minimise long term impacts
  • Developing a workplace that understands the differences between performance and a trauma response and introduces modifications that create safe work environments.

By the end of the session staff will:

  • Know about unresolved trauma and have an increased understanding of available treatments and ways to seek help
  • Know how to decrease escalation and communicate effectively with those who have experienced trauma
  • Be able to identify people at risk of trauma, possess positive coping strategies and know how to apply them
  • Understand the importance of social connectedness

What people have to say about the program

  • "The workshop greatly added to my understanding of the topic by expanding my knowledge and skills to support someone with PTSD."

  • ''The workshop has given me a thorough understanding of triggers and events for PTSD and stress Disorders. The videos were excellent as it made it very real from real life scenarios.''

    Social Worker