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Voices of Gambling Harm

This online course explores gambling harm, its impacts and where you can seek help and support. It includes lived experience stories, videos and activities related to gambling harm.

The details

The Voices of Gambling Harm project was created to increase the understanding of gambling harm within the ACT with the aim to reduce gambling harm associated stigma, increase self-identification of gambling harm and help seeking behaviours and to improve knowledge about local and national support services and resources.

Gambling harm was identified as an area of real need, as there are many people in Canberra impacted by this issue who don’t seek support or know about the services available to them. To increase relevance and understanding, MIEACT has utilised the lived experience stories of people from the ACT to demonstrate the issue on a personal level and also explain that there are strategies, steps and resources which can assist those impacted by gambling harm. This project aims to present information for a wide range of people and groups. We focus on the needs of individuals as well as those affected by the gambling of their partner, relative, friend or work colleague. The Voices of Gambling Harm project provides practical tools and strategies that address harmful gambling and seeks to support positive mental health and wellbeing.

The online learning module provides people with the opportunity to explore the topic of gambling harm. We encourage module visitors to make their way through the interactive program at their own pace. We have broken down the modules into smaller bite size pieces that can be completed on any device. Please note that any answers you provide will not be viewed or shared by MIEACT, they are yours alone.

The Voices of Gambling Harm Program also includes physical resources including a booklet and fold out business card which both contain information, strategies and links to resources and support services. MIEACT will also be running face- to – face sessions in Canberra where groups can hear longer versions of the gambling harm lived experience stories of our volunteers, as well as strategies to support positive mental health. For further information about resources or to book a session, please contact MIEACT.

This project is a joint collaboration between Mental Illness Education ACT (MIEACT) and Relationships Australia Canberra & Region (RACR) who run the ACT Gambling Support Service (AGSS). The project was funded through the ACT Gambling Harm Prevention and Mitigation Fund.

  • The definition of gambling harm
  • Relevant statistics about gambling
  • Reasons that can lead to someone being impacted by gambling harm
  • Impacts caused by gambling harm to individuals, family, friends and the wider community
  • Strategies to move forwards in a positive way
  • Support services and resources to assist with managing gambling
  • How to support others impacted by gambling

What is Gambling Harm?

Learn the definition of gambling harm, who it can affect and the impacts it can have.


Gambling Harm Statistics

Learn about the prevalence of gambling harm and other statistics relevant to the ACT and Australia.


Reasons for Harmful Gambling

Learn about and identify possible signs of gambling harm. Discover what can lead people to harmful gambling.


Impacts of Gambling Harm

Discover how gambling harm can impact individuals and the people around them including family and friends.


What can People Do?

Learn about steps and strategies that people can take to reduce the impacts of gambling harm. Identify positives aspects about yourself, as well as alternative activities to gambling.


Seek Help and Communicate

Find out about the importance of reaching out for support and talking about your gambling. Learn about the different support services that can assist people experiencing gambling harm.


Helping Someone Else who is Experiencing Harmful Gambling

Discover what you can do to assist family or friends who are impacted by gambling harm. Learn about resources and support groups you can access if you have been impacted by another person’s gambling.


Take Home Messages

Hear from our lived experience volunteers about key points they feel people should remember about gambling harm.


Are you Interested in Telling Your own Story?

Find out how you can apply to become a MIEACT Volunteer and share your lived experience story of gambling harm.

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