May 17, 2022

Our Stories – Raji

Raji Samprathi

MIEACT volunteer, Practicing naturopath and Counsellor

Although I am thankful for having a successful and long career in the public service, there was always a part of me that felt unfulfilled. The job failed to give me the satisfaction of directly touching people’s lives, connecting with people, or being of some comfort to someone, somewhere. This unmet need had me pursuing an education and career in naturopathy and counselling – helping people deal with their physical, mental and emotional needs.

I discovered MIEACT on my learning journey. The work they do in the mental health space – raising awareness and reducing stigma – resonated with me. I signed up to become a MIEACT volunteer to help advocate for mental health across the Canberra community. I am now part of MIEACT’s co-design team for its My Mind My Voice program, which aims to destigmatise conversations about mental health amongst culturally and linguistically diverse communities.

As a MIEACT volunteer I have the opportunity to educate the community about the importance of mental health. MIEACT delivers its message through beautifully crafted real stories about people and their mental health journey. This echoes with me. For an immigrant, like me, these stories are unifying, inclusive and effective. What I have gained through volunteering is priceless, and in hindsight I wish that I had given it more thought earlier in my life.

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