Episode Two: I am Fahmida

Fahmida became a MIEACT volunteer educator in 2019 through MIEACT’s partnership with SiTara’s Story. She is a Bengali woman who immigrated to Australia with her family from New Zealand after moving there from Bangladesh when she was younger.  Fahmida has faced and experienced a number of adversities and challenges that most people couldn’t imagine and has overcome all of them. These have made her the strong and inspiring woman she is today and have motivated her to help others. One way that she does this is through her work with MIEACT, where she shares her story in the hopes of reducing stigma around mental health and encouraging people to reach out and seek help so that they can live a happy and mentally well life. In this episode she will be sharing her story. Edited and Produced by: Rose Clifford Music: ‘Piece yourself back together’ by Locran Content Notes: The following topics are discussed throughout this podcast episode: suicidality, self-harm and sexual assault/harassment.