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Stress and Me

Interactive online Mental Health Program for young people aged between 10 and 15 years.

The details

Stress & Me is an online program for yr 5-9 students. Students will learn about understanding and managing stress. This course has been co-designed with our lived experience volunteers and backed with the latest evidence of stress and anxiety in young people.

Stress & Me is jam packed with information to better understand stress, worry and anxiety and what it means for us. Students will complete interactive quizzes, watch videos including powerful lived experience stories, try out some stress response techniques and finish off by creating your very own personal stress response plan.

Download the Teacher and Caregiver resource to consolidate learning in the home or classroom.

After completing the program young people will:

  • Identify ways to respond positively to challenging situations using appropriate strategies including; early help-seeking and optimistic thinking.
  • Begin to develop an understanding of stress and how it can have an impact (both physically and emotionally) in their lives.
  • Participate with community resources and investigate ways to seek help about health, safety and well-being in relation to stress tolerance and the ways we are affected by stress levels.
  • Plan, practice and formulate simple strategies to promote health, safety and well-being in relation to stress.
  • Practice and apply strategies to seek help for themselves and others.

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