Youth & School

Stress and Me

Builds an understanding of stress, how it can impact our daily lives and equips participants with tools to manage stress more effectively and where to seek help.

The details

This program is designed to provide students with an understanding of stress, how we experience it in our bodies and how it can affect our daily life. Students will identify ways to respond positively to challenging situations using strategies such as early help seeking and optimistic thinking.

The Stress & Me program provides students an initial introduction to stress and some of the impact it can have on their lives. It addresses age appropriate managing strategies.

Guided by our DoNOHarm Framework, and delivered by trained MIEACT staff and lived experience educators, this is an interactive session that utilises evidence-informed content on stress and stress management to educate students on how to start to identify and manage their own stress, including through effective self-care practices.

After completing the program young people will:

  1. Begin to develop an understanding of stress and how stress impacts (physically and emotionally) our life
  2. Begin to identify their own personal stressors and what stress looks and feels like for them
  3. Identify ways to respond effectively to stressors and stressful situations
  4. Identify strategies that can be used to manage stress more effectively
  5. Identify areas of influence and control for individual stress
  6. Identify when to seek additional support.

This program is mapped to the Australian Curriculum

Year 5/6

  • ACPPS053
  • ACPPS054
  • ACPPS056
  • ACPPS058