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Stress and Me

Provides an introduction to stress, how it impacts our daily lives and equips participants with tools to manage stress more effectively and where to seek help.

The details

MIEACT’s Stress and Me provides Grade 5 and 6 primary school students with an important introduction to stress. The program is designed to develop student understandings of stress including how stress is experienced in our bodies and how it can affect our daily life. Students will be introduced to ways to respond positively to stressful or challenging situations using strategies such as early help seeking and creating a stress plan. It introduces evidence-informed age-appropriate strategies students can use to help manage stress.

By the end of the session participants will:

  1. begin to develop an understanding of stress, its role and how it can impact our lives (physically and emotionally) ;
  2. begin to identify their signs of stress and what stress looks and feels like for them;
  3. begin to identify ways to respond positively to challenging situations using appropriate strategies, including early help-seeking and stress planning;
  4. begin to identify their own individual stressors and situations where they may experience stress;
  5. identify areas of control for individual stress and stressors;
  6. practice and apply strategies to seek help for themselves and others;
  7. begin to identify when to seek additional support and what these could be.

This program is mapped to the Australian Curriculum

Year 5/6

  • ACPPS053
  • ACPPS054
  • ACPPS056
  • ACPPS058