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Stress Better: Years 10-12

Builds an in-depth understanding of stress, how it can impact our daily lives and equips participants with tools to manage stress more effectively.

The details

Stress Better

MIEACT’s Stress Better program takes Year 10, 11 and 12 students on a deep exploration of the science and experience of stress. This program addresses how stress can be useful, while equipping students with the ability to identify when it is not and the tools to address it when this is the case. It will start to unpack the difference between stress and anxiety and the impact increased stress can have on one’s mental health.

This program is mapped to the Australian Curriculum

Year 10

  • ACPPS090
  • ACPPS093
  • ACPPS094
  • ACPPS095
  • ACPPS098

Year 11, 12

  • Behavioural Science
  • Psychology

By the end of this session participants will:

  1. understand the difference between acute stress and chronic stress;
  2. understand the physiological response to stress;
  3. understand when stress can be harmful or helpful;
  4. identify their own stressors and what stress looks and feels like for them;
  5. understand stress tolerance and the ways we can impact our stress levels;
  6. identify helpful strategies for managing stress and stressful situations;
  7. Identify where they can get help and how to do this.

Building understanding of stress, its impacts and how to manage it more effectively

This program has received a 100% recommendation rating from both Teachers and Students. Additionally, 92% of participants felt their understanding of the topic had increased “Extremely” (69%) or “Significantly” (23%) as a result of the session.